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  • What is Hvil®?

  • Can I get Hvil® on my smartphone?

  • Is Hvil® a medical treatment?

  • Are there any side effects of using Hvil®?

  • For who is Hvil®?

  • What is the time commitment?

  • How do I activate notifications?

  • I have activated notifications/reminders in Hvil®, but I still don't receive them

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    • What is the difference between using Hvil® with or without a sleep program?

      The app

      • What is the sleep diary?

      • What is the sleep program?

      • How long does it take to complete a sleep program?

      • How do I get started with Hvil®?

      • Should I use headphones?

      • What is a sleep window?

      • I have trouble keeping my sleep window - what do I do?

      • How do I cancel my Hvil® Premium subscription?